Fumie Akiyoshi  Profile

Fumie Akiyoshi had started learning classical piano at young age.  Her parents and relatives encouraged her interest in art and music.

Since she was a child Fumie wanted to become a writer. She had written a few novels and poetry.
After a while she had decided to become a musician, but still she gives great importance to the lyrics.
So since high school she dedicated all her time to learning ways of music.
Soon Fumie started working as an artist of music based on styles like modern electronica, funk of 60's and 70's , soul , rare groove , break beat .  She combined those styles with a world of unique lyrics.



She had passed audition at "ULTRA VAYBE " record company , excelling over more than 2000 other contestants.


July 2003
She had released debut single “IN THE MIDDLE” from “VYBE MUSIC" record company under the name of “LOVE PEACE & SOUL “.
She had frequently performed in Tokyo.  She had soon become well-known for her excellent singing voice, signature musical style and fashionable looks.
She works and collaborates closely with other artists on song music and lyrics.


She had performed her song “Tremolo” as the ending theme in the movie “Cage ~ Prison Girl ~ "  ( starring Saki Kagami ) and had quickly become famous.
Soundtrack of " cage ~ Prison Girl ~ " including Fumie’s song was released from VYBE MUSIC record company.
Same year, she had decided to take a break from singing as LOVE PEACE & SOUL artist, in order to focus even deeper on her performance skills.


She had started performing under her real name FUMIE AKIYOSHI (even though there is already an artist of the same name - written in hiragana – however she is a different artist).
She had started work on the album "The World Of The Ultimate Love ".
She started by  creating her own songs with her original lyrics, keeping atmosphere of the black music of the 1960s and 1970s, adding a wide range of musical elements of chanson , Showa Japanese folk songs , jazz , rock , electronica , break beat , hip-hop , Ambient, and  combining them with visual avant-garde .
She was also the sole director of the new album "The World Of The Ultimate Love”.

She had launched the original label LP & S Records and released "The World Of The Ultimate Love” as its first self-produced album.
During release she had lead all steps of label production, album promotion and sales.


July 2009
Initial sales of the release on iTunes have started.

September 2009
CD was released nationwide.
Music video of " Akaisekai " song in the album was aired on MTV and had attracted a lot of attention.



"Ai No Sekai “ album world debut on ITunes.

Now she works closely with Alexandro Davalos.  He is the former ballet dancer, and now he is pole dancer and choreographer from Mexico.  Together with him she performs at LIVE shows all around Japan and their performances are well received by audiences everywhere.

She has a reputation in fashion and art worlds for organizing LIVE music performances, art or fashion shows and events.


French director Guillaume Tauveron have used music of Fumie Akiyoshi " Tremolo " in his latest movie "Beyond The Blood" .
This was second time this song was selected for the movie.
This movie was highly appraised on a number of international movie festival such as Yubari Fantastic Film Festival (nominee),  France’s OFF DE CANNES Film Festival  (awarded Best Actress ) , France’s Lumiere festival (awarded best Newcomer ) and others.



June 2012
New single " Spiral " was released worldwide.

Mr. Guillaume Tauveron directed of the music video of this song .
Famous Japanese brand of  Yohji Yamamoto (that are also frequent contributors to Paris Collection) collaborated in creating costumes for the production of the music video.
Fumie Akiyoshi  herself was in charge of this music video production.


Summer 2012
 She had performed live release of “Spiral” for 2 days at the outdoor beach event hosting fashion brand "ARMANI EXCHANGE".

October 2013
" Beyond The Blood " was released in movie theaters in France.


Summer 2014
Sheperformed four places of concerttours in Paris.